Vote Victoria App a Success

With 4626 downloads, our modest little experiment in App development with Vote Victoria App proved far more popular than initially expected. So, we’re pleased. Here is a summary of feedback received via the Victoria Online feedback form (until 28 Nov – am) regarding the Vote Victoria app:

It’s fantastic to see up to date use of technology coming from our government departments. Hopefully this can continue in the future! Well done
Would be good to find all locations, not just those near my iPhone. Seems nice otherwise so far.
Very informative and well presented application. Being away from any television telecast sat evening I look forward to keeping up to date with the election results.
The app for election is great however doesnt allow you to select a location after you accept use current location would be more useful as voters may need to forward plan their voting
The app would not show me where I can vote, kept telling me to check my GPS
What a wonderful resource! Thanks very much.
I love the new Vote Victoria iPhone app. Good work, it saved me when I forgot to vote until 5.45pm. It was a quick download because it was a small app. With it I managed to get to the closest voting location on time. Future improvements, add in a way to automatically set a reminder to vote.
My Internet connection died. There is no way to refresh the live results to get it back.
Love the app! Thanks for moving with the times. Next election, would be good to advise waiting times at polling booths…
Sorry, but this app is rubbish. No total seat count???? Ummm, it’s the seat count that decides the result and you don’t have it??? Fail, fail, fail
Needs to show the number of seats won/ lost and in play. Otherwise, very good.
Was good but needed 2pp count not just first. Also needed seat totals and in doubt seat summary to follow it without needing the tv and radio. More, equally positive feedback was received directly on the app site – so – all up, we’re very happy with the results. Do you have any suggestions for other Apps we could develop?

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