New Vote Victoria App!

Really excited to announce that our little collaboration with Victorian Electoral Commission and Deloitte has produced fruit! I was the initiator of a collaboration to create a simple App for the iPhone to help Victorians easily locate a voting centre (including details for early voting options) plus simple result details relating to the upcoming Victorian state election. The collaboration was a great example of innovation in action because we did the whole thing from initial research and concept to production in 6 weeks! And it was a truly collaborative project with much goodwill, enthusiasm and generosity from all those who gave of their time and expertise to get it done in record time due to the fixed date of the election. The hashtag is #vicvotes and the review below tells you more. Please visit the site.

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2 Comments on “New Vote Victoria App!”

  1. asa letourneau Says:

    Fantastic effort Despina for persevering with a great idea. If we ever need to build a case for the Transfer Innovation Program in the future this collaboration will be a great place to start!

  2. citizenengagement Says:

    thanks Asa
    wouldn’t have happened if you hadn’t attended the ‘jam’ and used your energy to get Deloitte buy in! So really, this has been a truly collaborative effort with serendipity and luck playing a part! Thank you.

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