Google and the Public Sector

Check out this informative blog on initiatives in Gov 2.0 and the interest that Google has in providing Web 2.0 tools and tips for the public sector.
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2 Comments on “Google and the Public Sector”

  1. Hi,

    Thanks for this, it chimes with a similar blog I wrote recently on if you’re interested. I didn’t realise the term ‘Government 2.0’ was in such wide usage! Please let know what you think of the site as well 🙂


  2. iantruscott Says:

    Enjoy your blog – and that’s interesting, I found this after blogging about a chat with David Pullinger, UK Central Office of Information (COI) – here, from the opposite end of this discussion on how the UK government are trying to manage results.
    Also, I recommend following the UK Digigov blog (if you don’t already!)



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